10 Creative Ways to Serve While Social Distancing

By Sheena Perron

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the perfect example of selflessness. During His ministry, He went about doing good by helping and serving others. He was aware of those around Him and their individual needs. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are asked to do the same. As we take time to serve those around us we draw closer to God, increase our faith in Him, and bring joy and happiness to our lives.

Service has been on my mind quite a lot lately. Due to COVID-19 there are many in need, but many of us find ourselves isolated inside our homes. Yes, we have been urged to stay home to stop the spread, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find unique ways to serve. I asked people on Instagram and Facebook to share their creative service ideas, and I have added some of my own. Here is a list of simple ways you can serve others during isolation. 

1. Reach Out...Virtually

Text Message: Mandi More mentioned reaching out to others by text. We have been blessed with technology, so let’s use it for good. The other day someone came to my mind. I decided to send them a text message to let them know how much I appreciate them. Yes, it was a simple little text, but sometimes those simple messages make a huge impact in someone else’s life. 

Spiritual Text Messages: My sweet husband texts a single elderly woman, his mother, and me every morning and shares a scripture with each of us. These scriptures, quotes, or articles can bring peace and joy in times of uncertainty. 

Apps: Do you use Marco Polo? Google Hangouts? Facetime? These video apps make it possible for anyone to connect with friends and family. I showed my children how to use Marco Polo and Google Hangouts this week. They have used it to talk with their cousins and have spent everyday talking with one another. They have even helped each other with homework assignments.

Social Media: Sharing uplifting messages on social media is another way we can serve others. Have you ever thought of social media that way? I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love that it allows me to connect with others, but it can be a huge waste of time and a source of negativity and filth. I have decided to look at the positive side of social media and do my part to share light and goodness. I recently started something I’m calling “Isolation Conversations” where guests share uplifting messages in a Facebook Group that I manage. I am excited to connect with others and uplift one another virtually.

2. Drop and Dash

Cathy Cooper mentioned this and gave it the name “Drop and Dash”. She shared that her family drops off treats to let people know they are thinking of them.

Angela Braun shared this same idea, but gave toilet paper instead of treats.

My friend created some cute tags a few years ago that would be great to use for your own “Drop and Dash”.

3. Offer to pick-up groceries

Anna Hicks was advised not to leave her home for 3 weeks. One of her friends volunteered to pick-up her groceries and also walk her dog.

Do you know someone who is quarantined and cannot leave their home? Or maybe an elderly neighbor who is afraid to go to the grocery store in fear that they might become sick. Offer to pick-up their groceries and deliver them to them.

4. Do yard work for an elderly neighbor

Here in Idaho, our snow is finally almost melted, which means yardwork. As a family, go do some yard work for members in your ward or community.

5. Paint rocks

My friend, Kelsie Frint, and her daughters painted rocks and then left them on several well-known hiking trails. Some of the rocks included messages of hope, while others were painted like monsters to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

6. Sidewalk Chalk

Becky Squire shared that she purchased packs of sidewalk chalk and delivered it to neighbors.

7. Smile

A simple smile can brighten anyone’s day. Kyla Ford mentioned she is trying to make others smile by doing fun creative activities (cards, singing, etc).

8. Make masks

Amy Klaus is helping sew masks for local doctors offices and hospitals.

9. Gift Cards for Groceries

Many find themselves struggling financially. Someone mentioned giving gift cards to grocery stores to those who may be struggling.

10. Service in the Home

Find ways to serve those closest to you. Leave a kind note for someone in your family. Do a chore without being asked. Read a book to a younger sibling. Service can unite and strengthen families. Take some time to discuss ways you can serve within your home.

There are so many ways to serve in new and creative ways. How have you served? Has someone served you in some way?

As we serve those around us our love increases, our problems are put into perspective, and we come to know our Savior in ways that we otherwise might not have.

Sheena Perron is the founder of Little LDS Ideas and Seek Christ Daily. Her mission is to help others become seekers of Christ through uplifting online content and events. She has been featured in the EnsignDeseret News, and KSL Radio. Follow Sheena Perron on Instagram and Facebook

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