5 Talks to Help Us Attain Peace

By Sheena Perron

In a world full of chaos, disorder, and confusion what can we do to find peace? There are two types of peace that we hope and search for. One type of peace is the absence of war, turmoil, and strife. The second, is inner peace. We may not be able to control what is happening around us, but there are things that we can do to find inner peace. I would like to share 5 articles to help us know what we can do to attain peace in our lives.

Live Righteously

Article: “Where Can I Turn For Peace?” By Elder Paul V. Johnson

“Our best course for finding peace is to live righteously—to keep our covenants. This is the only course that leads to that inner peace we all desire. The adversary would tempt us to put all our efforts into directions other than a righteous life in our search for peace, but if we do this we will be disappointed in the end. True peace comes only from the Lord as a result of our righteous lives.”

Learn, Listen, and Walk

Article: “A Pattern For Peace” by Bishop W. Christopher Waddell

“The peace we all seek requires more than a desire. It requires us to act—by learning of Him, by listening to His words, and by walking with Him. We may not have the ability to control all that happens around us, but we can control how we apply the pattern for peace that the Lord has provided—a pattern that makes it easy to think often about Jesus.”

Turn to the Savior

ArticleI Will Not Forget Thee” by Becky Squire

“I know I can always turn to my Savior, not only when I need to repent of my sins but also when I need a shoulder to cry on. He is always there. When we are searching for someone to understand our pains and sorrows, let us not forget our truest friend, Jesus Christ.”

Search Inward, Reach Outward, and Look Heavenward

Article: “Finding Peace” By Thomas S. Monson

“The consequences of conflict are so devastating that we yearn for guidance—even a way to ensure our success as we seek the path to peace. What is the way to obtain such a universal blessing? Are there prerequisites? Let us remember that to obtain God’s blessings, one must do God’s bidding. May I suggest three ideas to prompt our thinking and guide our footsteps: Search inward; Reach outward; and Look heavenward.”

Have Faith and Act

Article: Sources of Peace and Power by Carlos A. Godoy

“We should also remember that when we are doing our part, the Lord is by our side. Our part of the battle doesn’t need to be fought alone. He will be with us, from the very beginning to the very end.”

Sheena Perron is the founder of Little LDS Ideas and Seek Christ Daily. Her mission is to help others become seekers of Christ through uplifting online content and events. She has been featured in the EnsignDeseret News, and KSL Radio. Follow Sheena Perron on Instagram and Facebook

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