Helping Others on the Covenant Path

By Lauren Madsen

I remember as a child reading in the bible in Matthew 5 about letting our light shine to glorify God. This idea was something I fell in love with, but I didn’t really know what it looked like in my own life. How could I shine my light? How could I point others to our Savior Jesus Christ? Sister Bonnie Cordon taught, “The Lord’s invitation to let our light so shine is not just about randomly waving a beam of light and making the world generally brighter. It is about focusing our light so others may see the way to Christ. It is gathering Israel on this side of the veil—helping others see the next step forward in making and keeping sacred covenants with God.” As I have grown in my spiritual knowledge, I have found there are many ways for each of us to shine our light, thereby helping others along the covenant path back to our Heavenly Father.


One way to help others on the path is to share your testimony and beliefs in natural ways, both to members of the church and those who are not. I remember a time where a friend of mine, who doesn’t practice religion, was preparing to have a major surgery. As I messaged her to wish her well, I typed the words: “I’ll pray for you.” I then hesitated, not sure that she would find any comfort in that statement. I decided to send the text anyway, shining my light toward God and Christ through prayer for this friend. Her response came back: “Thank you!” In that moment I realized that I sometimes chose to hide important parts of myself and my faith, and there was no need. We don’t know the potential growth that can happen with the seeds we are sowing, but that shouldn’t stop us from living a disciple life that may inspire others on their very first steps on the covenant path.

We should never underestimate the power of our examples. Elder Quentin L. Cook in the April 2023 general conference urged, “The Lord expects those who have received His gospel to urgently strive to be a beacon light example that will help others come to God.” One way to be a beacon that will become more and more significant is in following the teachings and invitations of the prophet. In my experience I have noticed that obedience is contagious, just as is disobedience. When we do what our prophets counsel, we inspire others to do the same, often without needing to say a word.

Another simple way to assist others on the covenant path is to consider how you can help people you know in their efforts to attend the temple. Is there someone you could invite to go with you to the temple? Would an offer to babysit be helpful? Could you offer transportation for an elderly or family or ward member to get to the temple? 

It is helpful for us to recognize what we are already doing to encourage others on the path, such as teaching our children or other children around us, serving in callings and engaging in meaningful gospel conversations with those we know. When we really stop to think about it, I imagine we will find that we are doing better than we think we are, while there is perhaps also room to do a little better.

President Nelson has made it clear that there are countless ways to help others on the covenant path. He said, “Anytime you do anything that helps anyone—on either side of the veil—take a step toward making covenants with God and receiving their essential baptismal and temple ordinances, you are helping to gather Israel. It is as simple as that.” Think about your unique gifts and sphere of influence and the Lord will lead you in His work to bring His children home.

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