How to Create a Christ-centered Home

By Becky Squire

The past few years have been a whirlwind of emotions and experiences that we never anticipated or could have prepared for. Fear, doubt, and worry consume many every time we turn on the news, scroll through social media, or even think about setting foot outside our house. That’s why it’s crucial that we fortify our homes - the one place we have most control over - with a foundation of gospel principles and the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We can all do our part to build a Christ-centered home.

I realize that even though we may have a strong desire to establish Christ-centered homes, every circumstance is different. Whether you live alone, belong to a part-member family, or you are a single parent, we can all do our best to help center our lives and our homes on Jesus Christ.

Ezra Taft Benson said, "The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. . . . The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment.” I believe that if we want to righteously influence the world, we must start from the inside out - inside our home. Here are three things we can do to create a Christ-centered home.

Create a Spiritual Environment

To create a Christ-centered home, it’s vital that we do the small and simple things: prayer, scripture study, and family home evening. Sometimes these things can seem not-so-simple, especially when we get out of the habit of doing them. 

Prayer helps us focus on the most important things in life as we express gratitude for blessings, evaluate our needs, and repent of transgressions. The scriptures are the source of divine instruction and should be the first place we go when we need answers to questions and problems, comfort and guidance. 

Family home evening should be prioritized and never overlooked. David O. McKay spoke concerning family home evening that “there will be better feelings between husband and wife, between parents and children, and among children. In such homes, the Spirit of the Lord will be made manifest."

Provide Uplifting Physical Surroundings

Although spirituality must come from within, we can also nurture our relationship with Christ through external influences. I encourage you to surround yourself with reminders that Christ has a place in your homes. President Ezra Taft Benson said, "Enter [the homes of those who have been born again], and the pictures on their walls, the books on their shelves, the music in the air, their words and acts reveal them as Christians."

Look around your house. Are there reminders that Christ is the center of your home? A scripture quote, a model of the temple, or a picture of Christ? Here at Tiny 3D Temples, we have several products that are sure to bring the spirit into your home and help to increase your spiritual capacity. Check them out here.

Find the Spiritual Lesson

To God, all things are spiritual, and we should strive to see everything that happens in our homes in terms of its spiritual significance. The Lord said, "Wherefore, verily I say unto you that all things unto me are spiritual, and not at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal" (D&C 29:34).

Sure we all have to perform many seemingly mundane tasks every day, but even these can be spiritually meaningful in our personal and family lives when we choose to focus on Christ. Every time you cook a meal, help a child with homework, or even do the laundry - you can find a spiritual connection or lesson. Share them with your loved ones and it will bless you home.

During this unprecedented time, let us each take extra measures to increase our spiritual capacity and create Christ-centered homes. Let us make them places where we would be comfortable to have the Savior come.

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