Let Us Never Forget

By Becky Squire

This year has definitely been one for the history books. It almost seems like there has been a disaster of one form or another everywhere we turn. It has been a joy to look for the blessings throughout these unprecedented times. I’ve seen families growing closer, neighbors serving each other, and strangers lifting one another’s burdens.

However, I can’t help but be saddened by many others becoming more and more discouraged, doubtful, and losing hope. It’s not easy, but it is possible to find happiness and hope through even the most difficult of circumstances.

Ronald A. Rasband said, “I encourage you to recall, especially in times of crisis, when you felt the Spirit and your testimony was strong; remember the spiritual foundations you have built.”

In this week’s Come Follow Me, we read that the Nephites marveled at the fulfillment of Samuel the Lamanite’s prophecy of Christ’s birth when they saw a night and a day with no darkness (3 Nephi 1:15–21). Unfortunately, a few years later, “the people began to forget those signs and wonders” (3 Nephi 2:1) and turned to wickedness. They forgot their spiritual experiences, and we must learn from them so will never forget ours.

We must all get back to the basics. We need to strengthen ourselves spiritually by reading and pondering the scriptures daily. Remember the thoughts and feelings you experience as you read them. When you search for answers, remember to “seek ye out of the best books” (D&C 88:118) and “hearken unto the counsels of God” (2 Nephi 9:29).

When you pray, ask for help in whatever you may be struggling with. Heavenly Father wants to help and strengthen you. Pray for His Spirit to be with you. Partake of the sacrament and think of the promise to always remember Him.

Remember your “pillars of faith.” This may not be a well-known term, but it’s what my husband and I use to describe the moments or events in your life that helped to build your foundation. You might have many, or you might have just a few. Maybe it was the first time you felt the spirit, or a tender mercy you witnessed. One of mine was a time when I felt God’s love. It can be grand, or it can be simple. The key is to remember them so that when you are struggling or questioning, you can literally lean on your pillars of faith.

Finally, focus on strengthening those around you. Serve them. Lift them. Love them.

No matter what you go through, you can find peace and strength in Christ. We must never forget our own spiritual experiences, or pillars of faith. We must never forget that we are children of loving Heavenly Parents who want us to have joy and happiness in this life and forever.

Becky Squire is a writer and speaker. She has been published in several media outlets including the Ensign, LDS Living, and the Today Show. She's also the founding editor of Latter-Day Woman Magazine. Follow Becky Squire on Instagram

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