Our Favorite Come Follow Me Resources for All Ages

By Alexis Tanner

We love the Come Follow Me curriculum that has been created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It allows us to teach our children at home and is supplemented at church in Sunday School classes and Primary, but when it comes to teaching our kids at home, we are not all natural teachers. Or maybe we don’t have the time or ideas to create meaningful and engaging lessons for our kids. Many of us need some extra help with making learning fun for our younger kids or with deeper discussion ideas for our older kids. There are some incredible resources for helping parents to make Come Follow Me more engaging and meaningful as they teach it in their homes. We wanted to share our favorite Come Follow Me resources for all ages.

Primary Children

Latter Day Kids

Latter Day Kids provides a free weekly video and lesson plan to accompany your Come Follow Me studies. The videos are animated and also narrated by children which easily grabs the attention of your children. Our kids absolutely love these videos and usually want to watch more than just the new video that week. They also have videos for other family home evening topics and karaoke videos to help children learn primary songs. They even have lessons in Spanish and Portuguese. 

You can visit Latter Day Kids here.

Come Follow Me Toddlers

This Instagram account gives 3 weekly activity ideas for the Come Follow Me reading that week in both English and Spanish. They also have a monthly subscription if you would like a digital copy sent straight into your inbox. These are fun, quick activities that keep a toddler’s attention while also teaching them catch phrases and important principles that will help small children remember what they’re learning.

You can visit Come Follow Me Toddlers here.


Camille’s website is full of fun gospel learning games and gospel fun kits that your whole family will love. For the younger kids she also has coloring pages and coloring notebooks. These are great resources to supplement your learning for the week by reemphasizing important gospel words from the scriptures.

You can visit CknScratch here.


For the Strength of Youth Magazine

One of our favorite resources for teenagers is The Church’s For Strength of Youth Magazine. Filled with articles that apply to today’s teens, these stories answer questions and address topics that your teenager may be wondering about. They also inspire and encourage while sharing the message of the gospel.

You can visit the For Strength of Youth Magazine here.

Come Follow Me FHE

This is a subscription service for Come Follow Me lessons and allows parents to choose a toddler, elementary, or even teenage bundle that focuses lessons on those specific age groups. With coloring pages, games, activities, videos, and challenges, these lessons are perfect for parents to become an inspired teacher.

You can visit Come Follow Me FHE here.

Come Follow Me Daily

With teenagers often on their phones, following uplifting social media accounts is a great way to help them be reminded of what’s important as they scroll their feeds. We love the Come Follow Me Daily Instagram account. She frequently posts beautiful artwork, shares important thoughts and messages that align with the Come Follow Me lessons, and shares quotes from the leaders of The Church.

You can find Come Follow Me Daily here.



Not just a website that sells awesome Book of Mormon themed socks, BomSocks also has BOM-BITES which is a free daily video to help with your scripture study. These videos are typically less than 10 minutes and can be used for individual study or as a family. The videos are available on their website, youtube, and as a podcast.

You can visit BOMSocks here.

Kristen Walker Smith

As the co-host of the One Minute Scripture Study Podcast, Kristen Walker Smith provides quick and easy ways to study Come Follow Me lessons each day. In addition to her podcast, she has a print version of daily Come Follow Me devotionals as well as some great freebies like “Scripture Takeaway of the Week” and “Fantasy General Conference Game.” She also has a subscription podcast for diving deeper into the most recent General Conference talks.

You can visit Kristen Walker Smith here.

Come Follow Me Study with Cali Black

The other co-host of the One Minute Scripture Study Podcast, Cali Black has study guides and quick Scripture Snippets that help you apply the scriptures to your own life. The study guides come in 3 month bundles that share the general context of the scriptures we’re studying, people you should know, big picture ideas, and more. You can also sign up for her emails and have the Scripture Snippets come right to your inbox for easy access.

You can visit Cali Black here.

Come Follow Me App

The Come Follow Me: 5 Minute Daily Devotionals app is a free app that’s perfect to add to your daily study. With a quick daily scripture, devotional, and follow up questions, this app is a great way to start discussions with your family. The Come Follow Me App is meant for the entire family and shares additional resources for children and adults as well as devotional resources. It even has a Wordle-like game that’s Come Follow Me related.

You can find the Come Follow Me App here. 

Alexis Tanner is a mother of five, podcaster, and writer. She loves reading, family history work, taking her kids on adventures, and podcasting with her husband at the Parenting In Real Life Podcast. You can find Alexis on Instagram @parentingIRLpodcast. 

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