Quotes About the Temple from General Conference October 2021

By Alexis Tanner

We recently had the opportunity to watch the April 2022 sessions of General Conference. President Russell M. Nelson announced 17 new temple locations all over the world. What a blessing that temples are coming closer and closer in distance to the members of the church. Before we start to dive into the new talks and study their words, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on quotes from the last session about the temple. Here are quotes about the temple from the leaders of the church from the October 2021 General Conference sessions.

President Russell M. Nelson

The temple lies at the center of strengthening our faith and spiritual fortitude because the Savior and His doctrine are the very heart of the temple. Everything taught in the temple, through instruction and through the Spirit, increases our understanding of Jesus Christ.”

“If you don’t yet love to attend the temple, go more often—not less. Let the Lord, through His Spirit, teach and inspire you there. I promise you that over time, the temple will become a place of safety, solace, and revelation.”

“Please make time for the Lord in His holy house. Nothing will strengthen your spiritual foundation like temple service and temple worship.”

Dallin H. Oaks

“Individual spirituality can seldom provide the motivation and structure for unselfish service provided by the restored Church. Great examples of this are the young men and women and seniors who put aside their schooling or retirement activities to accept missionary callings. They work as missionaries to strangers in unfamiliar places they have not chosen. The same is true of faithful members who participate in the unselfish service we call ‘temple work.’ None of such service would be possible without the Church that sponsors it, organizes it, and directs it.”

David A. Bednar

“Missionary and temple and family history work are complementary and interrelated aspects of one great work that focuses upon the sacred covenants and ordinances that enable us to receive the power of godliness in our lives and, ultimately, return to the presence of Heavenly Father.”

Brad R. Wilcox

Quoting the Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Theme: “As I strive to serve, exercise faith, repent, and improve each day, I will qualify to receive temple blessings and the enduring joy of the gospel.”

Quentin L. Cook

“If we want to have the peace which is the reward of the works of righteousness, we will not pitch our tents toward the world. We will pitch our tents toward the temple.”

Todd Budge

“Sacrifice is less about ‘giving up’ and more about ‘giving to’ the Lord. Engraved upon the entrance to each of our temples are the words ‘Holiness to the Lord; the House of the Lord.’ As we observe our covenants by sacrifice, we are made holy through the grace of Jesus Christ; and at the altars of the holy temple, with broken hearts and contrite spirits, we give our holiness to the Lord.”

Anthony D. Perkins

“We are also blessed by temple covenants and ordinances, where ‘the power of godliness is manifest.’”

As we read, listen, and study the words of the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I hope we can keep looking for those quotes about the temple and continue to learn how temple attendance blesses our lives.

Alexis Tanner is a mother of five, podcaster, and writer. She loves reading, family history work, taking her kids on adventures, and podcasting with her husband at the Parenting In Real Life Podcast. You can find Alexis on Instagram @parentingIRLpodcast.

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