Temple-Minded Gifts

By Hollie Wells

I have felt in recent years that I’ve been accumulating so much stuff recently it’s bothered me. I was a little uneasy leading up to this Christmas season because of all the stuff. People in my life started asking what I wanted for Christmas but I couldn’t think of anything (well, I could think of quite a few things that money can buy, but none of them very realistic…) that I wanted. All I could think of are the fuzzy socks I will shove in my already full drawer and the beauty products that I can add to the cabinet of products I already don’t use unless I run out of my preferred lotion. Maybe this was cynical and ungrateful of me, but I just felt surrounded by STUFF and I was trying to think of gifts to give and receive that don’t take up space but rather give a meaningful experience or have real use. Anyways, this is a long preamble to what will follow. I wanted to share some ideas for some temple-minded gifts for the Christmas season that won’t take up much space at all. 

Gift of ordinances 

I haven’t ever thought of doing proxy ordinances at the temple as giving a gift, but what better gift is there? I am sure it is on many of your deceased family’s wishlist to be sealed to their families, baptized, and endowed with power this Christmas season. 

Or you can give the gift of helping a loved one get some of the names they have found done or give a loved one some of the many names you may have found. 

Gift of time with family 

I would encourage all to schedule an appointment together when you’ll be with family for the holidays! If you are looking for a way to share your testimony and commitment with your children or parents, prioritizing a trip to the temple amid all the busyness of the Christmas season is a powerful way to do so. I hardly enjoy going to the temple more than when I am with my parents, siblings, extended family! It can be such a special time together. You could even make it a tradition! 

Gift of commitment 

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are most deserving of our thoughtful and generous gift-giving at Christmas. Perhaps the gift you give to Them this season can be renewed commitment. 

Commit yourself to live a specific covenant with greater intention. 

Make a New Year’s resolution regarding temple attendance! 

Talk to your bishop about getting endowed if you have not and are on the fence. Wear your garments a little more faithfully. 

Do what you need to do to be worthy of a temple recommend.

Take a chance to go and hear the ordinances anew and Renew in your heart your covenants. Give the gift of yourself. That is the consecration we promise in the temple, and I can’t think of a better time of year to give it.

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