What We Should and Shouldn't Say About the Temple

By Becky Squire

The temple holds a sacred place in the hearts of Latter-day Saints, representing a symbol of worship, spiritual growth, and eternal bonds. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints engage in conversations about the temple, it's crucial to approach the topic with respect, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of its sacred nature. However, you might be surprised at what we actually can say about the temple.

What to Share

1. Emphasize the Spiritual Aspect
When discussing the temple, focus on the spiritual experiences and personal growth that you have gained from attending. Share your own spiritual insights and how the temple has strengthened your relationship with God and others.

2. Highlight Positive Transformations
Talk about the positive changes and transformations that result from temple worship. This could include the impact on family relationships, personal character development, and a sense of purpose and direction in life.

3. Encourage Questions and Curiosity
Create an open and inviting atmosphere by encouraging questions and curiosity. Welcoming discussions about the temple can help dispel misconceptions and promote understanding among those who may not be familiar with Latter-day Saint beliefs. Do a quick search on what Church leaders have shared in general conference or in official Church publication. There might be more info out there than you think!

4. Share General Information
Provide general information about the purpose and significance of temples within the context of Latter-day Saint doctrine. This may include discussing ordinances performed in the temple, such as sealings and baptisms for the dead.

5. Express Gratitude
Express gratitude for the opportunity to participate in temple worship. Share how the temple has enriched your life and express a deep sense of appreciation for the sacred ordinances performed within its walls.

What to Avoid Saying

1. Specific Ordinance Details
Avoid going into specific details about temple ordinances, symbols, or rituals. These aspects are considered deeply sacred and are not to be discussed outside the temple.

2. Comparisons with Other Religious Practices
Refrain from comparing temple worship to practices in other religions. Each faith has its unique beliefs and sacred spaces, and drawing comparisons may lead to misunderstanding or unintentional offense.

3. Speculation or Interpretation
Avoid speculating or offering personal interpretations of sacred doctrines or teachings associated with the temple. Stick to official Church teachings and encourage others to seek guidance from authorized sources.

4. Disparaging Remarks
Refrain from making negative or disparaging remarks about individuals who may not be familiar with temple worship or have different beliefs. Foster a spirit of unity and respect in discussions.

5. Pressure or Judgment
Never pressure others to share their experiences in the temple, and avoid passing judgment on those who may not be temple attendees. Respect individual choices and beliefs.

Conversations about the temple are an opportunity to foster understanding and respect among diverse communities. By focusing on the positive, spiritual aspects and avoiding sensitive details, Latter-day Saints can contribute to a culture of openness and acceptance, allowing others to learn about their beliefs in a respectful and considerate manner.

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