Sizing Guide

The Temple Replica Statues come in four sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large. The Temple Music lights are the same size as large replicas but include a pedestal base that raises the statue half an inch. Exact dimensions are provided for the Salt Lake temple, but because of a large inventory of temples (200+) we currently are only able to provide a range of the longest base measurement for all other temples. This guide is designed to give you a better idea of how our temples are sized.

Salt Lake Temple Sizes

(height, length, width in inches)

Small: 2.75x2.5x1.75

Medium: 4.25x3.5x2.25 

Large/Temple Music Light: 4.75x3.5x3.25

Extra Large: 6.75x6.25x4.6

Other Temple Sizes

(range of the longest base length in inches) 

Small: 3-4

Medium: 4-6

Large/Temple Music Light: 4.5-7

Extra Large: 7-11

Angel Moroni

Angel Moroni is one size fits all at .75 inches and is included with the medium, large, and extra temple replica sizes.