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Have you been to Rexburg? We're known for potatoes, frigid winters, and the Spirit of Ricks. Our team is made up of passionate BYUI students, locals, and even staff across the US.

Tiny 3D Temples began as a simple desire to create modern gifts and decor that remind us of our special experiences at the temple. Today, we continue to create Christ-centered treasures that build faith.

Meet Our Founders

Brad McGary

Brad is a mechanical engineer who enjoys designing and 3D modeling. He and his wife were sealed in Rexburg, Idaho, where they currently reside, raising their four beautiful daughters. A few minutes before church one Sunday, Brad sat down at his computer to quickly design a temple tie pin. It was a simple design with little detail. He 3D printed it and glued a small magnet to the back, making it to church right on time. That simple design soon turned into a hobby of making small temple designs for family and friends.

David Love

David is a friend and neighbor of Brad’s who became a frequent customer. He knew that Latter-Day Saints everywhere would love them and before long, David joined Brad as a business partner to help Tiny 3D Temples grow to where we are today. David and his wife were sealed in the Portland, Oregon temple and currently reside in Rexburg, ID where they are raising their four kids.

An inside look...

Each temple is unique and the experiences gained by those who attend the temple are just as unique. These buildings represent eternal marriages, families, and commitments that broaden our temporal perspective. We have designed all the currently constructed temples. Each tiny temple is printed to order.

Each print will have small variances from one print to the next making each temple order unique just like your personal temple experience.

Check out this video to get an inside look into our operations as well as why we do what we do.


  • Debra Lizbeth Pagán Conde

    Me interesa el Templo de Puerto Rico y que tenga el mensaje de las Familias

  • Maureen

    Do the 3-D temples come in different sizes

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