Reflections on Temple Mirrors

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By Hollie Wells

If you have ever looked closely around a temple, you will notice there are mirrors everywhere. I love all of the mirrors and there are a surprising amount around all temples. Many think of the parallel mirrors that outline the sealing rooms and are so symbolic of what is taking place there. Those are so special and give an opportunity for those participating in the ordinances to reflect on what is being reflected back at them– eternity and endless relationships. But there are so many more mirrors than that! 

My most memorable experience with a temple mirror happened on my endowment day. I don’t know if this is common practice, but when I received my endowment, I was escorted to the brides’ room afterwards to put my ceremonial clothes away with my mom. My most distinct and impactful memory from that day was as I was carefully folding all my clothes, I looked up in the mirror on the vanity and was a bit surprised at who I saw there. I seemed to see a different person. I looked older and more mature, and I was deeply moved. I remember even touching my face to make sure it was really me, it seemed so surreal. I was thinking about the beautiful things I had just learned and how nothing would be the same after that. I got to go back to that same brides room on my wedding day and look in that same mirror. It sure was special to see the before and after of participating in another ordinance in that holy house. 

In many temple baptistries I’ve been in, there are beautiful nature-scapes that surround the font to give it a natural setting, almost like getting baptized in a river like Jesus and so many others throughout history. Some baptistries are just white, but something that stood out to me recently was the floor-to-ceiling mirrors that stood on either side of the font in the Provo temple. The view of those mirrors from inside the font had the same effect as the double mirrors found in sealing rooms, reflecting eternally into the past and future. I found this intriguing and after some pondering, I realized that all the ordinances of the temple are eternal and binding. Generations beyond us can be felt in those rooms, just like in the sealing rooms. 

I’ve noticed in many temples there are mirrors everywhere– through the halls and in the dressing rooms. The temple is a place of reflection, so what better decoration than a mirror? Next time you are there, take note of where the mirrors are hung and take an opportunity to look in them and see who is being reflected back at you. You may even see the Lord’s countenance smiling back at you.

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  • Love This!

    I am so looking forward to being in the temple more!

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